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Diagnostic Hotline

Diagnostic Hotline was opened in 1994 by GE Capital. Since then we have taken a very broad range approach and the organization and fine tuned it into one of the best and largest in the US and Canada. We aggressively recruit the highest quality technicians from across the country, taking advantage of the flexibility, and larger pool of prospective specialists that our remote access infrastructure provides. Each of our specialists has a vested interest in ensuring  that the service provided to each and every customer is the absolute best it can be.

We set ourselves apart from other services by ensuring that each area has specialists available to answer calls immediately, making our service the only live call service available in the industry. If the lines are unusually busy for a period of time, we are capable of returning the call within minutes.

We handle all makes and models, all systems and medium and heavy duty trucks, while providing concise, easy to follow steps to quickly and accurately diagnose the vehicle. Our specialists have instant access to one of the largest on-site libraries in the industry. They can instantly access sources such as OE Factory Service Manuals, Mitchell on Demand, Motor/Alldata Information Systems, SI 2000, PI (Preliminary information) provided by AcDelco, Target Training System Database, AutoData Information, factory service & training manuals, heavy truck into, and a pattern failure database. Along with the ability to walk the customer through the repair, our specialists can provide, at the customer’s request, wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble trees for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s), Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s), manufacturer specific recalls and associated campaigns, descriptions and operations of systems, service repair labor times, remove and replace instructions (R&R), and oscilloscope wave form patterns to aide in the diagnosis of system components. In addition we also provide a fax back service when the customer only wants specific information faxed without the further cost of speaking to a specialist.

We are an organization that thrives on feedback from our customers. Any type of feedback will allow us to continue to ensure that the service provided to each and every customer is the absolute best it can be. Please don’t hesitate to contact our account representative through our website or by calling us at 1-800-260-9377 and choosing prompt 4.